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David Moss – Founder of Sporting Influence Ltd

It is absolutely vital that sport is taught with enthusiasm and confidence so that all pupils have the opportunity to experience the fun and power that it can provide. My passion for sport has been with me from an early age and it has helped me develop the key life skills that enable me and the team to drive forward our philosophy’s here at Sporting Influence. Respect, friendship, teamwork and encouragement are at the forefront of all the work we do and expect to see from the pupils we work with. My aim is to be a great role model for pupils in school, to build confidence in teachers in PE and to provide as many opportunities for pupils to find the sport for them.

Ryan Ellis – Former Primary School teacher and FA Level 2 qualified coach

I am of the firm belief that there is no more important subject across the entire national curriculum than PE for developing a well-rounded child. Now a PE advisor/teacher with Sporting Influence, I am determined to make a difference in the delivery and quality of PE within primary schools as, once a busy primary teacher myself, I have seen this vital area of a child’s development neglected too often in the past. I look forward to working with, and inspiring the children and staff within the Harrogate and North Yorkshire area over the coming years.

Jude Kilburn – Physical Education Teacher and Lacrosse Coach

Physical Education is a key part of any school and the delivery of it is so important. The children need to be enthused and want to continue to take part in activities throughout there school careers and outside of school.

Following everything that Sporting Influence believes in I am really enjoying guiding so many children through a variety of social skills, through teaching so many different sports in their schools.

Dan Mcternan - Primary School Teacher

I strongly believe that PE and Sport are as vital a component in Primary schools as Maths and English and can be a crucial building block to developing the all-round child. In the current schooling climate where expectations on both pupil and teacher are ever-increasing, it is vital that children are given their chance to shine, for many children, sport acts as this opportunity.
The social skills that we help to develop in our sessions help to prepare children for the “big world” whilst remaining enjoyable and engaging. Encouraging the correct mindset, working individually or as part of a team and learning how to win and lose in the correct manner are all key aspects that myself and our amazing team have first-hand experience in and hold in such high regard.

Mike Whorley - Football coach, Photographer and IT man

Now more than ever I believe PE is a critical part of a child’s development. It not only affords them the obvious health benefits it also gives them the opportunity to try new activities and gain confidence from doing so. By providing primary schools with professional sports coaches we can ensure the children get the best possible learning experience. As a professional photographer, I’m also able to photograph the children learning whilst having fun, creating memorable images for schools and families.

Louise Sanderson - Head of Office and Finance

Louise is responsible for managing the day to day accounts and general administration for Sporting Influence Ltd.
Louise is a qualified Accounting Technician as well as holding qualifications in Personnel,  Secretarial, Administration procedures and Business Management.
Any queries on invoices, childcare vouchers, insurances, contracts or the like may be addressed directly to Louise at

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