CPD at Willow Tree

Since September 2017, Miss Beaumont has been working with the class teachers and their pupils at Willow Tree to help develop PE pedagogy within the school. This has been brilliant with 9 teachers already accessing the programme and feeling more confident within the vast subject that is Physical Education.

Miss Beaumont would like to express how fantastic ALL the children have been and continue to be at Willow Tree! Every activity has been met with enthusiasm and a desire to develop their sporting skills. Topics that have already been covered include dance, gymnastics and invasion games. All five of our social skills have been utilised and developed within the lessons alongside lots and lots of children being awarded stars of the day!!

The members of staff Miss Beaumont has been lucky  to work with have been keen to progress and have achieved this in leaps and bounds with great lessons being taught at the end of the programme.

We look forward to continuing to work with the superb staff and passionate pupils of Willow Tree to further inspire and ensure high quality PE!


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Improving social skills through sport