Birstwith Primary School

Birstwith C of E Primary School Provisions 2015/16

Sporting Influence Ltd have delivered blocks of CPD this academic year that has covered Gymnastics, Tennis, Themed PE and even Orienteering! This has involved working with teachers in both KS1 and KS2. A Tchoukball after school club was also delivered by Mr Ellis within the first term of this school year.

Autumn Half Term 1 (September – October 2015)

Mr Ellis spent the first half term working alongside the Reception/Year 1 class and also Year 4. The focus of working with Reception/Year 1 was on teaching multi skills through a themed block of work. The children journeyed across the ocean as ‘pirates’, swam through the oceans as fish and even ventured to Arandelle and built snowmen! Each lesson the children worked on their locomotion, object control and stability skills, using the themes to excite and engage the class. Great fun was had by all! Year 4 completed a block of work on tennis. This involved aspects of safety, racket handling, racket skills and even playing a forehand shot over the tennis nets. All of year 4 were outstanding in their commitment and endeavour to improve, with some great progression made by all at the end of the unit.

Autumn Half Term 2 (November to December 2015)

Miss Kilburn spent the second half of the term teaching Gymnastics to Reception and Year 1, also to the Year 4 class. This was a CPD unit of work, Miss Kilburn worked closely with the class teachers throughout the half term. The Children in KS1 covered a number of different travelling movements, rolling, jumping, balancing and they created short sequences of movement. In KS2 they covered all the basic skills in gymnastics, rolling, jumping, balancing and travelling. The advanced these by perfecting skills like Handstands and Head Stands, all the children created individual routines and pair routines, they worked using the floor and a number of different pieces of equipment. KS1 and KS2 embraced the Gymnastics, they worked hard to improve their skills and by the end of the half term and all made huge progress.

Gifted & Talented Gymnastics

Children from Birstwith and Bishop Thornton joined together to develop their gymnastics. They worked extremely well as groups and really tried to push themselves and others to make their routines as brilliant as they could. I was extremely impressed with all the children and the routines that they developed and produced. Below is a video of one of the routines. It was completely thought up and produced by the children. Can you guess the theme?

Spring Half Term 2 (February to March 2016)

The Spring term saw Class 1 and Class 2 get involved in some Outdoor Adventurous activities – OAA, what ever the weather they were out there dressed appropriately and ready to learn outside. Miss Kilburn had come up with a number of different games in order to get the classes working as teams, looking for things together, solving problems, completing tasks and by the end doing some orienteering. The Pirate Treasure Hunt was a highlight for a lot of the children. Hidden around the school ground were 4 different coloured pirates – each team had 6 to find of their own team colour, if they found one they came to check in where a pirate question needed to be answered in order to receive a pirate token. Extra special pirate tokens were given out to teams that worked really well together, shared the roles out and did lots of positive communication. All year groups got full involved and it was lovely to see them working so well with other members of the class.

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