Bishop Thornton Primary School

Bishop Thornton Primary School Provision 2015/16

Sporting Influence Ltd have delivered a block of CPD with Gymnastics across KS1 and KS2


"I have been really impressed with both members of staff who have come into school. They have been full of good ideas and helpful advice and support as part of our CPD. The children have had a renewed enthusiasm for PE and this has been reflected in discussions with parents. The children have really impressed me with the way they have taken on the use of the technical vocabulary given to them. They can speak knowledgeably about what they have learnt and the skills they are developing. The staff that have come into school to work with the children they have built up excellent relationships with the children, displaying excellent behaviour management strategies and building up the children’s confidences in their own abilities."

Mrs Ward – KS1 teacher, Bishop Thornton Primary School.

Half Term 1 (September to October 2015)

Mr Doey delivered multi skills (KS1) and cricket (KS2). Through this time Mr Doey was extremely impressed with the behaviour, ability and attitude of all pupils at Bishop Thornton. The children in KS1 covered a variety of different aspects of sport such as agility, balance and travel, coordination and teamwork. Whilst learning these skills the children played many different fun games which can be adapted through a variety of sports. KS2 children really got stuck into learning the different aspects of cricket and the smaller technical aspects of these skills. They learn a variety of batting shots and the basics of bowling as well as how to throw and catch without injuring yourself.

Overall a fantastic half term from all the children and some very good input from staff too.

Half Term 2 (November to December 2015)

Miss Kilburn and Mr Doey spent the second half of the term teaching Gymnastics to KS1 and KS2. This was a CPD unit of work, Miss Kilburn and Mr Doey worked closely with the class teachers throughout the half term.

The Children in KS1 covered a number of different travelling movements, rolling, jumping, balancing and they created short sequences of movement and advanced to doing tricky skills like learning how to do cartwheels and Hand Stands.

In KS2 they covered all the basic skills in gymnastics, rolling, jumping, balancing and travelling. The advanced these by creating some amazing partner sequences, group balances and finished off the unit with some fantastic group routines.

All the children did such a great job and were really inspired by the Gymnastics.

Gifted & Talented

Children from Birstwith and Bishop Thornton joined together to develop their gymnastics. They worked extremely well as groups and really tried to push themselves and others to make their routines as brilliant as they could. I was extremely impressed with all the children and the routines that they developed and produced. Below is a video of one of the routines. It was completely thought up and produced by the children. Can you guess the theme?

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