Bramhope Primary School

Autumn Half Term (September - October)

Mr McTernan and Miss Beaumont are delivering CPD units across all the classes in school. Miss Beaumont will be working with Mr McKeown, Mrs Laws, Mrs Flower and Miss Harrison on a Thursday and Mr McTernan will be working alongside Mrs Stewart, Miss Galinsky, Miss Lane, Mrs Hahnel and Mrs Lawson on a Monday.

Throughout this half term Key Stage 1 will be working on Playground Invasion Games and Key Stage 2 will be working on Invasion Games. This will include the pupils participating in a number of activities and games to develop the various skills involved in the topics.

Mr McTernan and Mr Doey are delivering a Year 1/2 and a Year 3/4 Football Club followed by Y5/6 Football Club on a Monday night. Miss Beaumont is delivering a KS1 Netball Club followed by a KS2 Netball Club on a Thursday night.

Intra-House Competition, November.

November saw the very first intra-competition between houses at Bramhope. Children took great pride in representing their houses and working as a team. KS2 classes competed in a basketball tournament and KS1 pitted their wits against each other at Crossover, both activities having made an appearance in the block of invasion games PE lessons with Mr McTernan and Miss Beaumont.

Below is the results table for each tournament. Mr McKeown said the whole school was buzzing and the winning teams were delighted to add 15 House point tokens into their team tube. We look forward to the next one in December! Points were awarded for wins and draws as well as bonus points awarded for excellent social skills by teams and individuals.

A huge ‘well done’ to all the children!



Miss Lane - Y1

Wilberforce - Crossover Champions!

Miss Harrison and Mrs Flower - Y1/2 (combined)

Bronte - Crossover Champions!

Mrs Hahnel - Y3/4

Bronte and Wilberforce - joint Basketball Champions!

Mrs Lawson - Y3/4

Burton - Basketball Champions!

Mrs Stewart - Y4/5

Hepworth - Basketball Champions!

Mr McKeown - Y5/6

Bronte and Burton - joint Basketball Champions!

Mrs Laws - Y5/6

Burton - Basketball Champions!

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