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Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Highfield Prep girls will be taught every Tuesday and Friday by Miss Beaumont from our Sporting Influence team teaching alongside Miss Priestley and Miss Haslop from Harrogate Ladies College. For the Autumn Term on Tuesday’s we will focus upon Netball and Friday’s we will focus upon Hockey.


Tuesday 12th September- Year 3/4- Within this first lesson children were introduced to the different passes in netball and the skill points for these. This then led into a conditioned game where the attacking team had to complete 5 passes, when they did this an additional defender was added. This increased the difficulty for the attacking team to complete passes. Stars of the day- Poppy and Alana for determination.

Year 5/6- a structured netball specific warm up was carried out with pulse raiser, stretches and a skill based drill. Pupils then complete a drill where they had to follow their pass to get used to movement whilst passing. A short netball game was then carried out. Stars of the day- Poppy for determination, Ruth for encouragement, Cat for body language


Friday 15th September- Year 3/4- Within this first lesson, the Year 3 girls were introduced to hockey for the first time! This included becoming comfortable with the hockey stick, positioning of the hands and body, controlling the ball and beginning to move with the ball. Year 4 girls reviewed what they already knew about hockey and looked back over the push pass, dribbling the ball and positioning in a game. A brilliant first lesson on hockey!



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