Hookstone Chase CP School

Hookstone Chase Community Primary School Provision 2015/16

Sporting Influence Ltd have delivered blocks of CPD, Sport Numeracy and hosted competitions at Harrogate High School that Hookstone Chase have sent teams to. This work has been carried out with teachers in both KS1 and KS2.

Spring Half Term 1 (January to February 2016)

Mr Ellis worked with a group of Year 4 children and a group of Year 3 children delivering a block of Sport Numeracy work during this half term. This work was aimed at improving the attainment and also attitudes of the children towards Maths, whilst improving fundamental physical skills such as throwing, catching and object control. Play, Collaborate and Learn was the focus of each session and both groups were fantastic in their enthusiasm and determination to improve. The year 4’s focused on ‘Division’ for the entire block and there was a 100% improvement from all children within the group in their attainment from their pre and post test scores. The year 3’s had a whole focus on the ‘number’ aspect of the curriculum, touching upon a variety of areas such as greater than, less than and addition. The whole group made good improvements throughout the work and enjoyed their experience of ‘Active Learning’. It was a real pleasure to see the effort and progress that the children made throughout the unit, as well as an increase in confidence with their maths. Both groups were tremendous and displayed a great attitude towards learning and collaborating, working on key social skills that can be transferred to all areas of their learning and life!

Gifted & Talented (Tchoukball)

Mr Doey delivered 4 hours of Tchoukball for a group of Year 5 & 6 children who were selected for the gifted and talented program. The children were given an opportunity to learn a variety of skills such as throwing and catching, scoring, defending and tactical play. All of the children were fantastic and really tried hard to improve their own skills.

Spring Half Term 2 (February to March 2016)

Mr Ellis worked with two groups of year 5 and 6 children, looking to enhance enjoyment and attainment in a number of mathematics areas under the area of ‘number’ Over five weeks the children had focused intervention from Mr Ellis, allowing for greater understanding of the concepts covered and an increased confidence amongst the group. The children collaborated with a partner on a weekly basis, allowing for opportunities to ‘teach’ each other in order to consolidate their own learning. It was incredible to witness how hard both groups worked towards improving their mathematical understanding and they really made progress with their collaborative learning skills. All active learning games were a pleasure to witness as the children accomplished many mathematical problems that were ultimately disguised as fun activities! Well done Year 5 and 6!

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