Kettlesing Felliscliffe Primary School

Kettlesing Felliscliffe Primary School Provision 2017/18

Sporting Influence will be delivering blocks of CPD at Kettlesing to both the KS1 Class and the KS2 Class with Miss Beaumont as the Sporting Influence teacher. During this time the class teachers will be shadowing and team teaching within the lessons to enhance their PE knowledge and build upon their confidence levels. At the end of this CPD, class teachers will be observed to evidence the objectives set at the beginning of the CPD blocks have been achieved alongside further developing teachers PE pedagogy.

The children will develop various sporting skills throughout the year such as throwing, catching, attacking & defending, and movement skills. Alongside these sporting skills, we will also focus upon the Sporting Influence social skills which are determination, communication, body language, encouragement and respect. We believe this will ensure all children can advance in Physical Education as well as bringing these skills into all other aspects of the lives.

Autumn Term 1- September to October 2017- Football

Within the first block of CPD, we will be focusing on football. This will involve the children developing their dribbling, passing, shooting and attacking and defending skills within the game alongside the Sporting Influence social skills.

Lesson 1- Monday 11th September- In this first lesson the children focused upon their dribbling skills. This included exploring dribbling with different parts of the foot and then taking this into a challenge where pupils had to dribble through various sized gates to score points which advanced to having defenders added on. A conditioned game was then played where in their teams children had to dribble across the oppositions half and dribble their ball into the endzone to score points. Social skills stickers were given to our stars of the day with these being given to the children in their celebration assembly on Friday!

In KS1- a big well done to Jemima for showing great determination in her dribbling

In KS2- a big well done to Sky-Mae for brilliant determination in the endzone game to score lots of points for her team!



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