Kettlesing Felliscliffe Primary School

Kettlesing Felliscliffe Primary School Provision 2015/16

Sporting Influence have delivered blocks of CPD at Kettlesing to both the KS1 Class and the KS2 Class working with teachers in both KS1 and KS2. The blocks of works have covered so far Hockey, Pop Lacrosse, Invasion Games, Gymnastics and Outdoor Adventure Activities. Kettlesing have also been having a lunchtime club delivered.

Half Term 1 (September to October 2016)

Miss Kilburn worked along side both classes to deliver a block of Hockey. The children really embraced it and they managed to get there skills to standard where could play some adapted games. the favourite game was Hey Sharkey Sharkey in KS1 and playing the small games for KS2. Mrs Senior and Mrs McGrogan both finished the unites by teaching their own sessions which were both great. A Hockey lunchtime  club was delivered to a mixed age group throughout this half term. The children really enjoyed extending their skills and knowledge of the game.

Half Term 2 (November to December 2016)

Miss Kilburn and Mrs McTernan were delivering Pop Lacrosse CPD to KS2 this half term and Invasion Games CPD to KS2. The children in KS2 developed their lacrosse skills and really started to develop their ability to play. Their lessons were backed up with a lunchtime club for Pop Lacrosse. The favourite game was king of the hill which really developed their throwing and catching skills under pressure. Invasion Games for the KS1 started off developing the attacking and defending skills with lots of fun games. Ball games were then introduced which slowed down the pace of the lesson for a bi, but it was not long until the games moved on and the children were really understanding the concept of the invasions games.


Spring Half Term 1 (January to February 2017)

This half of term Miss Kilburn has delivered blocks of CPD Gymnastics to both the KS1 and KS2 Classes. the children were fantastic and obviously really enjoy gymnastics. The Ks2 class learnt to hand stand, cartwheel, bridge and so many more things. They put all the skills they learnt into group sequences. The KS1 groups did some Gymnastics through stories for  example learning to roll by going on a picnic, we had egg rolls (tuck rolls) and number of other food things and then the Teddy bears came to the picnic in the form of a circle roll.

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