New Park Primary Academy

PE Provision 2016/17

During the Autumn term, Mr Pratt and Mr Harrison worked alongside Mr Ellis through a 7 week block of football CPD. The weather was kind to all, meaning we were able to use the wonderful outdoor grass space close by to the school. Each week they covered different aspects of game play including passing, attacking, defending, shooting and dribbling. The work culminated in some excellent sessions delivered by the respective teachers and the children taking part in some exciting small sided games.

Mr McTernan has spent two half terms with two classes at New Park on a Wednesday afternoon. In the Autumn term, Miss Barker and Mr Harrison’s classes covered Tchoukball. For the Y6 children, these sessions refined skills they had previously learnt and they were given the chance to apply these skills in matches, where they also thought about tactics, spatial awareness and zonal marking. For most of the Y4/5 children, this was an introduction to an exciting new sport which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Also, in the Autumn term, Mr Ellis worked alongside two KS1 teachers to deliver our programme of themed lessons. In these sessions, children developed basic skills while using their imagination in adventures that included an underwater and a ‘Frozen’ theme.

The themed lessons have continued into the first half of Spring term with Mr McTernan working alongside Miss Ball’s Y2 class. From the very first week, the children engaged with the lessons by training as knights for the King of Harrogate and, since then, they have been circus acts in training, clown fish and superheroes!

Spring term 2, 2017 – Since February half term, Mr McTernan’s themed lessons have given New Park Academy’s youngest children the chance to show off their sporting talents as well as their vivid imaginations. Miss Scott’s nursery and Mrs Stubbs’ reception classes were the first classes to try out a brand new theme in week one where we had a PE party. Since then, they’ve trained to be knights and, most recently, we’ve used the Frozen theme to build balancing snowmen in the snowy setting of Arendelle.

On Wednesday afternoons, at the other end of school, the older children are half-way through a unit of basketball. We’ve been working on specific skills such as ball-handling, footwork, passing and shooting and will soon get the opportunity to apply these skills into small matches.

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