Richard Taylor C of E Primary School

Richard Taylor C of E Primary School Provision 2015/16

Sporting Influence Ltd have delivered a variety of work within the first term of this school year, focusing on using Sport as a motivational tool across the curriculum in Numeracy, Literacy and developing key social skills.

Half Term 1 (September to October 2015)

Mr Ellis worked alongside a group of Year 5/6 children with the aim of developing key social skills through sport, using real world examples and putting them into practice themselves. The morning was split into two sessions. The first hour was a classroom based session that had a focus on a new social skill each week (determination, sportsmanship etc). These sessions were collaborative, allowing children to work in small groups to complete set tasks and develop an understanding of the importance of these social skills. The second hour was a practical session led by Mr Ellis that focused on a different sport each week (football, rugby, multi skills) and the children were encouraged to demonstrate examples of the social skill that had been used in the classroom session.

The whole unit culminated in the children working in teams to plan, create and teach their own brand new sport to each other. They created rule books, advertising posters and well thought out plans that were pitched to Mr Symmons to pick a winner! The winning game was played in the last week and everybody had a tremendous time!


"The money spent on the Sporting Influence ‘Improving Social Skills through Sport’ was one of the best investments that we as a school have ever made. The programme raised self-esteem provided a perfect balance between periods of reflection and positive practical experiences. Every child involved in the programme benefitted from their participation in a way which has had a lasting positive impact on their wider experience of school. I cannot recommend highly enough the work done by Dave and his team in working with the school to help pupils to achieve."

Andrew Symmons, Headteacher

Half Term 2 (November to December 2015)

Mr Ellis delivered a block of Sport Numeracy intervention work. The aim was to help boost engagement, enjoyment and attainment through fast paced Active Learning sessions, focusing on a range of number areas of maths. The children were absolutely fantastic and showed tremendous collaborative skills, taking on leading roles to help their partners if need be, better embedding their understanding. The children showed good progress throughout the block of work and were enthused about their learning every week! Well done!

Gifted & Talented (Teamwork)

Mr Doey delivered to a selected group of children who had been chosen as gifted and talented in sports. He delivered a variety of different sports with the underlying message of teamwork and how important it is to use teamwork when playing sport. All of the children that took part really enjoyed the lessons and certainly learnt a lot of different reasons as to why teamwork makes the dream work.

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Improving social skills through sport