Spofforth C of E Primary School

Spofforth C of E School Provision 2015/16

Sporting Influence Ltd have delivered a block of CPD, themed work, confidence groups and young leader sessions throughout the first two half terms of the new school year.

Autumn Half Term 1 (September to October 2015)

Mr Moss and Mr Doey delivered CPD for all class teachers (Early years – Year 6) to develop their confidence and knowledge in the chosen sports. The themed lessons were delivered to EYFS and KS1, they learnt and developed a variety of skills through themed stories. Football was delivered to KS2, they focused on a variety of sport specific and social skills that would help them become better developed sports people. All teachers were very keen to learn and develop their skills as were the children.

The confidence groups were tasked with each week developing a social skill through sport that will help them, not only in a sports scenario but also in a variety of different day to day scenarios. Some of the skills developed were: Leadership, communication, bravery, confidence and resilience.To develop these skills the children played different games which were adapted to isolate a particular skill.

“My child absolutely loved the session yesterday! Toilet Tig turned out to be a real winner! Really good news and shows that continuous progress continues to be made!”

Finally a group of Y5/6 boys and girls have been taking part in a young leaders scheme which is giving them confidence to develop their own leadership skills. They have delivered a wide range of games to EYFS and have also learnt different techniques and coping strategies.


"A professional team that have provided both children and staff with high quality experiences. The Sporting Influence team have given opportunities for staff to work with experienced PE teachers/ leaders using the team teaching model, which they can then use to improve practice across school."

Mr Paul Griffiths, Headteacher

"I have had a fantastic experience working with the Sporting Influence team, I have valued their support with my teaching, the delivery of lessons and also their help with leading PE as a subject leader. We have followed the team teaching model for this term and the feedback from the Sporting Influence team has been high quality and given us, as teachers’ areas to work on to further improve our practice."

Miss Amy McIntosh – Class Teacher & PE Subject Leader

Gifted & Talented (Teamwork)

Mr Doey delivered to a selected group of children who had been chosen as gifted and talented in sports. He delivered a variety of different sports with the underlying message of teamwork and how important it is to use teamwork when playing sport. All of the children that took part really enjoyed the lessons and certainly learnt a lot of different reasons as to why teamwork makes the dream work.

Autumn Half Term 2 (November to December 2015)

Mr Doey has continued working with the whole school to in the same areas as the first half term. It is clear to see a dramatic improvement in not only the childrens sporting ability but also the social skills that they have learnt. The children have made it clear that they particularly enjoy playing skill based games such as “The Great Escape” and “Capture the Flag”.

Spring Half Term (January to March 2016)

Mr Doey will continue to work with the confidence groups and young leaders to develop their social, leadership and sporting skills. The PE lessons the children will take part in are OAA (Outdoor and Adventurous Activities). This will involve orienteering (at Spofforth Castle) as well as team based lessons which involve skills such as teamwork, working under pressure and problem solving.

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Improving social skills through sport