Starbeck Primary School

Starbeck Community Primary School Provision 2015/16

We have been working closely with Starbeck CP School this year, delivering blocks of work on CPD and Sport Numeracy.

Autumn Half Term 1 (September to October 2016)

Mr Ellis worked alongside Year 6 and Year 1/2 respectively to deliver a unit of CPD with Mr Pearson and

Year 6 worked through a unit of Invasion Games, developing the basic skills of attacking & developing through a variety of non sports specific activities.  As the unit progressed, tactical principles were applied and then used in a variety of end zone games with much success. The children were all Awesome!

To provide complete contrast in the work delivered, Year 1/2 had a focus on Balloon skills, working on object control, throwing, catching, reaction and teamwork. Using the balloons made the skills accessible and fun for all of the children who were challenged accordingly to keep their motivation high! We had such great fun!


"I love the idea of covering lots of different skills within the lesson and basing it around a story/theme"

Mrs Kitwood

"I found it useful watching someone teach skills and learning lots of techniques, also having a set of plans I can adapt and use in the future"

Mrs Watson

Autumn Half Term 2 and Spring Term 1 (November 2016 to February 2017)

Mr Ellis and Mr McTernan worked alongside a group of year 3/4 and 5/6 children to deliver a 10 week block of Sport Numeracy. With a focus on the Number strand of the curriculum, the children collaborated in small groups in a variety of active learning games to help embed their learning and spark a greater enthusiasm for the subject. Throughout this block, there was an emphasis of developing key physical skills alongside their mathematics, including object control, locomotion and stability. The program was a roaring success with some truly amazing results in the attainment of the children!


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