Willow Tree Community Primary School

Autumn Term 1- September to October 2017

Willow Tree are receiving CPD in PE every Friday morning with the first half term being Gymnastics for Year 1/2 and Year 4 and Dance for Year 2.

In Y1/2’s first gymnastic lesson, they looked at floor moves including balancing on different parts of the body, travelling in different ways, the log roll and stretch, star and spin jump. The children performed extremely well and linked in the various social skills with lots of good body language.

In Year 4’s first gymnastic lesson, the pupils explored leaps, balancing in their groups of 2 or 3, the log roll, egg roll and vsit roll (using their strong tummy muscles!) and also stretch, star and spin jumps. The children performed with lots of control and encouragement throughout!

In Year 2’s first dance lesson, the pupils explored moving in different ways and different body parts, staying in a space and linking movements to a variety of emotions. The children did really well to link the various emotions to different types of music. Lots of creative and expressive movements with brilliant determination!

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Improving social skills through sport