About Sporting Influence

Sporting Influence was set up in 2012 for two key reasons:

  • To improve the provision of PE in Primary Schools and
  • To use the power of sport to improve, Numeracy, Literacy and key Social Skills through Sport

Provision of PE in schools

Having worked as a teacher in secondary schools for twelve years I began to notice alarmingly low levels of ability in sport when children arrived in year seven. It was not just the minority that began secondary school without some of the basic fundamental skills of stability, locomotion and object control skills. I felt a desire to get into the Primary schools more and work with teachers and pupils to reach higher levels of performance, understanding and enjoyment in PE.

The last  five years has involved me teaching in Primary schools, initially on my own and now with a team of high quality teachers and coaches, I have realised the difficulties the Primary schools face on a day to day basis. Lack of facilities – small halls and large class sizes, depleted equipment stores and a serve lack of training for new teachers in PE. This can lead to lessons that are uninspiring for children, uncomfortable for the staff and with little progress from the pupils through primary education.

The aim of the Primary PE Premium is to change this and make an impact. All of the teachers at Sporting Influence get a fantastic sense of achievement working with pupils at a younger age and preparing them properly for what lies ahead.

Improving Numeracy, Literacy and Social Skills through Sport

Our innovative programs use the motivation tool of sport to work with groups of pupils to improve key areas of their school life. Through fun and active sessions we create different opportunities for pupils to develop their knowledge through disguised learning both inside and outside the classroom environment. Working together to solve mathematical problems and equations in carefully planned sports sessions with interesting equipment and writing about exciting moments in sport they have been involved in during the lesson. Our aim is to make Numeracy and Literacy enjoyable to all pupils because if you enjoy something your more likely to learn.

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Improving social skills through sport


Sporting Influence Activity Camps are a fun and safe environment for your children to learn and develop social skills during the school holidays. Our Camps are always inclusive and we love having a wide range of children from different backgrounds and children who enjoy a range of sports and activities.

Sporting Influence After School Clubs are a fun and exciting hour of games, sports and activities to engage children in disguised learning and exercise. Playing a wide range of games and sports (club dependant) the children will work on specific skills all underpinned by our five social skills.