Our Partners

Autism Angels

We are partnered with and working closely alongside Autism Angels to increase the awareness and develop peoples understanding of autism and how to cope with it. We also have some big ideas for sponsorship events, so please keep your eyes peeled!

Click here to find out more about Autism Angels.

Harrogate High School

Sporting Influence use the excellent facilities of Harrogate High for competitions weekly and our literacy through sports program with Pobble. The partnership also includes running a annual sports camp for the new Year 7 pupils moving to Harrogate High.


Click here to visit the harrogate High School website.

Leeds Beckett University

Since 2014 Leeds Beckett have worked alongside Sporting Influence to provide opportunities for work placements, advertise part time and full time roles and speak at the employability conference which helps develop links between students and local sports businesses.


Click here to visit the Leeds Beckett University website.

Leeds Trinity University

Sporting Influence work alongside Leeds Trinity University providing fantastic opportunity for students to gain hands on experience during their work experience. The University also advertise part time positions for students looking for some work outside of University.


Click here for the Leeds Trinity University website. 


Our partnership with Pobble is through our Literacy through sport program which we have run in Harrogate, Leeds and Craven which we have run since 2012. Working with over 1000 pupils developing social skills and improving literacy.


Click here to visit the Pobble website.

Harrogate Climbing Centre

Sporting Influence have carried out regular school trips over the last three years to introduce children to a local sports facility and work towards improving key Sporting Influence social skills.


Click here to visit the Harrogate Climbing Centre website.

Harrogate Martial Arts & Leadership Academy

We have set up in Partnership with Aegis Martial arts centre in Harrogate. There is a great synergy between both businesses with our shared philosophy on behaviour.  Our sports through literacy program is delivered in conjunction with Aegis Martial arts.


Click here to visit the Aegis website.

Harrogate Tennis

We have a partnership with Harrogate Tennis Club.  Being a local tennis company with links to several local tennis clubs Harrogate Tennis are looking forward to introducing more children to tennis in the area.


Click here to find out more about Harrogate Spa Tennis.

Improving social skills through sport

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