Our Philosophy

Our Sporting Influence philosophy focuses on two key strands:

  • PE Funding Work
  • PE as a tool to engage, motivate and inspire

This forms the basis of the work we undertake in schools, in which we are passionate about making a difference to the lives of youngsters across the region, giving them the knowledge and enjoyment to stay active into their adult life.

Underpinning these two strands, and the cornerstone of our company is our mantra:

“Improving social skills through sport”

We see our profession, and the physical education environment as the breeding ground for key social skills that will serve all of the children we teach as they progress through school life and into adulthood. These social skills are at the very core of every block of work that we deliver and every lesson that we teach as PE provides the only educational environment that can best reflect the every day interactions of the real world.

Improving social skills through sport

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