Competition Information

Our weekly events are based around improving ability, knowledge, having fun and the element of competition.

A real emphasis is placed on developing the key social skills that are vital in sport and everyday life.

For schools who have bought into the full contract the below events are free and part of the package. For schools that are not involved in the full contract there is a small fee for each week of matches/ coaching depending on how many you commit to. Please contact David Moss for details.

The aim is for the pupils to learn about the sport, tactics, rules etc over the period of the matches so if possible try to send the same group of players for that particular sport. It is also an opportunity for teachers to come along for CPD and get to understand the sports and build up their confidence and knowledge.

Appropriate kit

  • School PE/Sport kit (wherever possible)
  • Shin pads (strongly recommended)
  • Trainers – NOT STUDDED BOOTS
  • Clothes for cold weather
  • Drink

The 2017/2018 Competition structure will be as follows:

Y3/4 Football - Harrogate High School

27th Sept - Indoor
4th Oct - Astroturf
11th Oct - Astroturf
18th Oct - Astroturf
1st Nov - Astroturf

Y5/6 Football - Harrogate High School

8th Nov - Astroturf
15th Nov - Astroturf
22nd Nov - Astroturf
29th Nov - Astroturf
6th Dec - Astroturf
13th Dec - Gifted & Talented Week

Y5/6 Tchoukball - Harrogate High School

17th Jan - Sportshall
24th Jan - Sportshall
31st Jan - Sportshall
7th Feb - Sportshall
21st Feb - Sportshall

Y5/6 Dodgeball - Harrogate High School

28th Feb - Sportshall
7th March - Sportshall
14th March - Sportshall
21st March - Sportshall
28th March Sportshall

Y5/6 Tennis


Y5/6 Cricket


Y5/6 Rounders


Y5/6 Athletics


Improving social skills through sport