What happens if a child at camp has a temperature/is ill.

If a child at camp shows any signs of illness we will ask the parent/guardian of that child to collect them as soon as possible. The child in question will be kept away from all bubbles until they are collected.

Do you only swim on a Wednesday at Camp?

NO!!! We swim EVERYDAY at Camp. At a normal day at camp we will have three swim sessions in the mornings (Y1/2, Y3/4, Y5+).

I need my child to come early or stay late at camp, how can I pay?

Simply bring the money with you and pay cash on the day or prior to the day if you know in advance.

What do I need to send my child to camp with?

Please send your child with a healthy snack, pack lunch and a spare bottle for water throughout the day (NO NUTS). It is also an idea to pack a spare pair of clothes incase they end up getting dirty or wet. Children will not be able to take part in certain sessions if they don’t have certain equipment:

  • Wacky Water Wednesday – Change of clothes, towel
  • Football Friday – Change of clothes, shin pads
  • Swimming – Costume/Trunks/Shorts, bobble/swim cap for longer hair, towel.

Can I pay for After School Clubs with my Childcare Vouchers?

Unfortunately not. We only accept Childcare Voucher payments for our Childcare Activity Camps.

What is your Ofsted Number?


I can’t apply my discount code. How do I do it?

Apply your discount code in the Coupon Code box you can see above.

Can I turn up to camp and pay on the day?

No. Due to the high demand of our camps we aren’t able to accept bookings at the registration desk. Bookings must always be made through our bookings page.


Activity Camps Booking Page

Improving social skills through sport


Sporting Influence Activity Camps are a fun and safe environment for your children to learn and develop social skills during the school holidays. Our Camps are always inclusive and we love having a wide range of children from different backgrounds and children who enjoy a range of sports and activities.

Sporting Influence After School Clubs are a fun and exciting hour of games, sports and activities to engage children in disguised learning and exercise. Playing a wide range of games and sports (club dependant) the children will work on specific skills all underpinned by our five social skills.