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Development model for teachers continued professional development. Teachers work alongside our qualified PE experts to develop their confidence and knowledge in PE.

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Planning, preparation & assessment cover. Our qualified PE teachers deliver high quality PE whilst your staff are able to take their PPA knowing the children are in safe hands.

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Wellness Programme

A programme to help children understand themselves, how they develop and key skills they will need as they develop.

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Outdoor Learning Programme


Take the classroom outside with Sporting Influence. Our cross curricular PE lessons allow the children to learn outside whilst active.

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Gifted & Talented

This programme allows those children who exceed in certain key areas to further develop throughout a block of work.

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KS1 Themed PE

Allow young children to maintain engaged during a full PE lesson by taking them to a magical land and making them part of the story.

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Sports Numeracy 

If your children are high achievers or just not getting it, let us deliver our fun and active maths to really help them reach their target!

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Super Pupil Trips

Do you have some children that have achieved this year? Maybe they deserve a break after working really hard. Let us take you on a super pupil trip to remember – giving the children a fun sporting experience locally.

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Social Skills/Transition

Sport is a great vehicle to teach a variety of skills. As children develop it is pivotal that these skills are learnt. Our Social Skills programme allows the children to learn the skills, understand why they are important and how they link to everyday life.

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Competition is vital for Childrens development; learning to win and lose, understanding tactics and attacking and defending. Sporting Influence hold weekly competitions for all local schools. We also hold a variety of different competitions for school clusters and individual schools.

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Lunch/After School Clubs

Exciting, active and engaging lunch and after school clubs for children who would like the extra curricular activity.

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First Aid 

First Aid should now be learnt in schools. We have a package in which we deliver first aid skills, understanding first aid, the importance of certain information and key numbers.

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Discounted Holiday Childcare

If you have students who need some extra help during school holidays we offer all of our partner schools discounted rates at our Childcare Activity Camps.

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Improving social skills through sport


Sporting Influence Activity Camps are a fun and safe environment for your children to learn and develop social skills during the school holidays. Our Camps are always inclusive and we love having a wide range of children from different backgrounds and children who enjoy a range of sports and activities.

Sporting Influence After School Clubs are a fun and exciting hour of games, sports and activities to engage children in disguised learning and exercise. Playing a wide range of games and sports (club dependant) the children will work on specific skills all underpinned by our five social skills.