KS1 Themed PE

KS1 Themed Physical Education

The Sporting Influence themed program of work has been devised to fit in with the KS1 national curriculum, ensuring that all outcomes are met. Instead of having a single lesson focus, all sessions compromise of elements of Object Control, Locomotion and Stability, ensuring the children are constantly moving and developing.

The use of a theme or story not only captures the imagination of the children, but it disguises their learning, ensuring that they don’t get bored and ENJOY the lesson. It is vital at this early stage to motivate, engage and inspire children in their physical education journey so as they pass through school they find their area of interest and continue on a physically active journey through their lives.

Whether it be an adventure to Arandelle, training for a Circus or venturing across a vast Ocean, the children are sure to be asking for more each and every week. The best part is, sessions are easily adapted and tailored to fit in with classroom topics to give them even more relevance!

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