Sport Numeracy

Play, Collaborate, Learn

What is it?

Our Sport Numeracy intervention focuses solely on the ‘Number’ strand of the national curriculum with a range of colour coded session plans for Years 1 – 6 with accompanying question sheets. Our aim is to boost engagement, enjoyment and attainment through fast paced Active Learning sessions. Being physically active during a maths intervention or club helps children retain information better AND provides additional exercise that builds upon the 2 hours of PE they already receive in a week.

Why Active Learning?

Primary age children who, from participating in as little as 10 minutes of additional organised physical activity a day, gain the most benefit in terms of enhanced cognitive function, improved classroom behaviour and consequently enhanced academic performance Youth Sport Trust Review (How does Physical Education and sport impact on academic achievement)

The importance of exercise and activity is a significant feature in making us happy; when we are happy we’re more acceptable to learn – so why are a lot of learning activities within schools very sedentary? (UKEdchat 2014)

As with literacy, cooperative learning, paired work and group collaboration have been found to have positive effects for low attainers (Slavin and Lake, 2008; Dowker, 2004)

Download a copy of the Sport Numeracy flyer:

Download it here


Children love to play! They are encouraged to enjoy their experience in a range of games either as an individual or as a team.


With an emphasis on collaboration, Digiball sessions provide endless opportunity for children to work with their peers in devising answers and solutions to questions.


Active learning helps children retain information better, leading towards increased attainment and achievement.

Improving social skills through sport

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