Sports Social Skills

Sports Social Skills Programs

At Sporting Influence we have realised what a powerful tool sport can be in the motivation of young people and how it can be related to so many different issues in today’s society.

Poor behaviour often comes from a lack of understanding and this can be seen clearly in low levels of social skills such as speaking, listening and communicating properly with others. Knowing how to show respect and how it feels to receive it sometimes needs to be taught.

The Sports Social Skills program is now in its fourth year of delivery and has been consistently used each year by a number of schools as an integral part of their pupil premium plan and intervention sessions. The program can be tailored to meet the specific demands of the school and individuals within it.

Schools can choose from either of the programs below:

  • Working with pupils with Behaviour concerns. Helping them to learn and understand respecting others and rules, accepting defeat and showing sportsmanship.
  • Improving social skills during the Transitional period. Working on first impressions, independence, body language and teamwork.
  • Improving Confidence, friendships and self-esteem, giving pupils responsibility in small group tasks in fun practical and classroom based sessions.

How It Works

  • It uses Sport as a tool to motivate, engage and inspire children whilst focusing on key social skills.
  • In practical lessons pupils get the opportunity to demonstrate their classroom learning through sports using new and interesting sporting equipment.
  • A cross-curricular link with an emphasis on numeracy and literacy skills related to sport to further engage the pupils.
  • A typical program would involve a selected group of 12-16 pupils who would receive 10-12 hours of practical and classroom based intervention. Some schools have however used this as an opportunity for whole class work and CPD for the class teacher.
  • All Sports Behavior lessons are led by experienced qualified teachers.

Improving social skills through sport

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