Bilton Grange CP School

Bilton Grange School Provision 2017/18

Sporting Influence Ltd are delivering CPD to Y3/4 classes. Looking to increase teachers confidence in PE delivery and encourage positive social skill development

Autumn Half Term 1 (September to October 2017)

Mr Doey is teaching football CPD to Y3/4 classes. We started with the basics of football looking to control the ball with different areas of the foot and also develop our spacial awareness. Every child in each class were a credit to their school, with impeccable behaviour and some extremely advanced skill levels shown by a lot of the children. More pleasing was seeing the children who weren’t very confident before the lesson, leaving the lesson looking forward to next week and excited to work on their football and social skills. Throughout the half term the children really develop their footballing skill, learning new skills and developing their knowledge of tactical and physical play.

Autumn Half Term 2 (November to December 2017)

Through until Christmas we will be continuing with football, finishing the half term with two Intra School competitions for the children to showcase their talents and skills acquired throughout the year so far. The children will be recapping skills learnt in the first half term before developing these skills and really solidifying their knowledge around basic football play.

Improving social skills through sport

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