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Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Highfield Prep girls will be taught every Tuesday and Friday by Miss Beaumont from our Sporting Influence team teaching alongside Miss Priestley and Miss Haslop from Harrogate Ladies College. For the Autumn Term on Tuesday’s we will focus upon Netball and Friday’s we will focus upon Hockey.



Within Netball, the Prep 3 and 4 girls will build upon the ball skills they have to further apply these to the game of netball. This will involve exploring the various positions in High 5 and 7-aside netball. The girls will develop their passing, shooting and attacking and defending skills throughout.

The Prep 5 and 6 girls will continue to advance the netball skills they have learnt in previous years at Highfield to incorporate further tactics, refine their shooting and passing skills and also explore attacking and defending aspects. The girls will have regular 7-aside fixtures.



The Prep 3 girls will be introduced to the sport of hockey with focus upon handling the stick, dribbling technique and the different passes involved in the sport. They will advance onto attacking and defending skills within a game.

The Prep 4, 5 and 6 girls will build upon their hockey skills they already have in place including passing, dribbling, spacing and attacking and defending within the sport. As the girls develop, there will be a further insight into the tactics that can be used in a game situation.


Prep 3,4,5 and 6 have been working hard at their Football skills with Mr Moss every Tuesday.  In the first half term we have covered dribbling – with some great new turns designed by the children themselves!, passing, tackling and defending, attacking and shooting.  In each session we spend 70% of the lesson working on these skills and techniques and then finish with a conditioned game relating to the skills.

Football practice follows after school for year 5/6 where they go straight into matches and work on positional sense, tactics and an understanding of match situations.  Year 3/4 train on a Monday night.

All year groups have played competitive matches against other schools and we have been really pleased that by midway through November, every boy has managed to represent the school in a Football match which was a target we set at the start of the year.

More fixtures are arranged alongside Rugby matches between November and April and we have just finished our first Intra House Competition where all KS2 children took part and played matches for their House team.


So lots of great Football going on!  Here’s some pictures


Improving social skills through sport

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