Hookstone Chase CP School

Hookstone Chase Community Primary School Provision 2017/18

The 2017/18 school year has started off with a bang as twenty one year 5/6 children work alongside Mr Ellis and Mr Doey to develop their young leader skills. After applying for a spot on the program by submitting letters, Mrs Hazel selected a fantastic bunch of enthusiastic, hard working individuals.

Having just completed week 2, some children have already dipped their toe into leading part of a session with huge success! Over the coming weeks they will be preparing to deliver sessions to KS1 children with the goal of leading lunchtime structured sessions to other children in school. Below you can see the top five characteristics of a ‘Hookstone Young Leader’ as suggested by the children themselves after an interesting debate in week one!



After a successful young leaders block of work in Half Term 1, producing some outstanding sessions, we enter Half Term 2 in which Mr Ellis will be delivering some exciting CPD to the Hookstone teachers.

Staff in year 1/2 will be working on Football while Mrs Charlton in Year 3/4 will be sampling the delights of Tchoukball! Whatever happens, it’s sure to be great fun with plenty of learning taking place!

Improving social skills through sport

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