Kettlesing Felliscliffe Primary School

Kettlesing Felliscliffe Primary School Provision 2017/18

Sporting Influence will be delivering blocks of CPD at Kettlesing to both the KS1 Class and the KS2 Class with Miss Beaumont as the Sporting Influence teacher. During this time the class teachers will be shadowing and team teaching within the lessons to enhance their PE knowledge and build upon their confidence levels. At the end of this CPD, class teachers will be observed to evidence the objectives set at the beginning of the CPD blocks have been achieved alongside further developing teachers PE pedagogy.

The children will develop various sporting skills throughout the year such as throwing, catching, attacking & defending, and movement skills. Alongside these sporting skills, we will also focus upon the Sporting Influence social skills which are determination, communication, body language, encouragement and respect. We believe this will ensure all children can advance in Physical Education as well as bringing these skills into all other aspects of the lives.

Autumn Term 1- September to October 2017- Football

Within the first block of CPD, we will be focusing on football. This will involve the children developing their dribbling, passing, shooting and attacking and defending skills within the game alongside the Sporting Influence social skills.

KS1 will have a higher focus upon the basic skills of passing and dribbling and beginning to put these into small sided drills and games.

KS2 will build upon the skills they have to include attacking and defending skills within drills and games alongside exploring different tactics they can apply.

The children in both KS1 and KS2 showed incredible progress over the course of the football unit within the first half term. KS1 children have learnt how to dribble to a high standard using the correct technique alongside passing in their teams to finish the unit off by playing small sided modified games. The children in KS1 built upon their social skills every week and showed fantastic determination and encouragement throughout. KS2 have explored new passing techniques, dribbling under pressure and incorporating game tactics. These qualities were showcased in the final lesson of the unit in which the pupils played a tournament with brilliant teamwork, communication and social skills shown.


Autumn Term 2- October to December- Fitness

Within this second block of CPD, both the KS1 and KS2 class will explore a variety of fitness activities. This will include a fitness circuit at the beginning of the unit in which they will record their scores and this will then be repeated in the last week of the unit to see if their fitness levels have increased. Also within the unit the children will participate in aerobics, different fitness tests and HIIT workouts in which they will be the instructors! There will be a focus upon nutrition, healthy lifestyles and the short term and long term effects of exercise. As always, there will also be a strong focus upon the social skills in all lessons with handshakes and star of the day celebrated each week.

Alongside fitness lessons we will have a fitness lunchtime club where we will explore fitness activities in depth and different challenges will be carried out!



Improving social skills through sport

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