Moorside J&I School

Sporting Influence are back at Moorside Junior School for a third year running and are excited to be delivering PE to every KS2 class on a Thursday.  Year 3/4 will be working alongside Mr Ellis & Mr Brookbanks in the mornings while Year 5/6 will have Mr Ellis in the afternoon sessions.

This year in PE, our focus is on how to ‘Max Our Day’s’ and live as many adventures as possible.  To that end, the adventure pyramid shown below is our blueprint for PE in school and forms the ‘WHY’ behind what we do.

As we enter half term 2, the children will now be working on Netball.  A fast paced and technical sport, it is sure to test their object control and locomotion skills, as well as tactical knowledge.  Bring on the games!

Improving social skills through sport

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