New Park Primary Academy

Autumn Half Term (September to October 2017)

This half term Mr Brookbanks is delivering a Football scheme of work for two year 3/4 classes for Mr Pratts and Miss Watsons PPA. All lessons that are delivered will include developing students social skills in particular encouragement, communication, determination, respect and body language

Week 1

In the first session Mr Brookbanks included various fun unopposed dribbling activities as well as many opportunities for children to demonstrate their impeccable behaviour. This in turn will help students to develop their socials skills at a faster rate.

Week 2

After an impressive first week Mr Brookbanks challenged the students to test their dribbling skills whilst a defender adds pressure. This meant that students were working on their decision making as well as communication with their class mates. Mr Brookbanks was astounded by both year groups behaviour and determination to learn new skills.




"The expectations and the imaginative element of the teaching... the children rose to the expectations really well and the skills and listening improved tremendously over the weeks."

Mrs Stubbs, Reception teacher, CPD block of Themed Lessons. Spring 2017.

"I like the structure of the planning as well as the easy transfer between activities. I feel much more confident teaching hockey now compared to when I started."

Miss Barker, Y5/6 tracher, CPD block of Hockey. Spring 2017.

Improving social skills through sport

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