Richard Taylor C of E Primary School

Richard Taylor C of E Primary School Provision 2017/18

Half Term 1 (September to October 2017)

Sporting Influence are delivering sports skills to years 3/4/5/6. In the first half term we will be looking at ball skills (Y5/6) and invasions games (Y3/4).

Year 3/4

Week 1

Mr Doey is currently teaching invasion games to the Year 3 & 4 children. As ever at Sporting Influence we look to integrate the development of social skills into our lessons. During our first lesson we looked at our five different social skills and how these can effect performance during sport. We played cone attack to put into practice our teamwork skills and varied the games to highlight the importance of leadership and communication. Both classes were fantastically behaved and well mannered on a windy day in the playground. I’m looking forward to next week already!

Throughout the first half term the children worked really hard on their understanding of teamwork and spacial awareness when playing invasion games. Hopefully this will be transferred into sports such as football and netball.


Year 5/6

Miss Beaumont is teaching Ball Skills with Year 5 & 6 this half term with a big push on the social skills within all lessons. Throughout the unit, the pupils will focus upon the different aspect of ball skills such as passing, dribbling, shooting, and attacking and defending. They will explore different sports within this including football, hockey, basketball, tennis and netball. This will help to ensure the children have the skills in place ready to advance further in game situations and incorporating tactics into these.


Half Term 2 (October to December 2017)


Year 3/4

This half term we are continuing to look at invasion games and building up to an Intra House Competition between the Swaledale and Nidderdale. The children are starting to show a real understanding of attack and defence and also adapting to different situations and game scenarios.

Year 5/6 

This half term we will be focusing upon various Team Games. This will include relay races, crossover, capture the flag, dodgeball alongside some OAA challenges! Within all lessons there will continue to be a strong focus upon the social skills with a star of the day, handshakes and self and peer assessment.



"The money spent on the Sporting Influence ‘Improving Social Skills through Sport’ was one of the best investments that we as a school have ever made. The programme raised self-esteem provided a perfect balance between periods of reflection and positive practical experiences. Every child involved in the programme benefitted from their participation in a way which has had a lasting positive impact on their wider experience of school. I cannot recommend highly enough the work done by Dave and his team in working with the school to help pupils to achieve."

Andrew Symmons, Headteacher

Improving social skills through sport

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