Spofforth C of E Primary School

Spofforth C of E School Provision 2017/18

Spring Term 1 - Gallery

As with all the children at Spofforth, Miss Ward’s Y3/4 class have been working incredibly hard with Mr McTernan in their PE lessons. But then the class camera came out…!

And they didn’t disappoint! Which stars can you spot in the gallery below?

Before Christmas, we were inside and out with our invasion games unit. Plenty of focus on possession, quality, timing and type of pass. These skills were then applied into conditioned team games.

Into January, it was time to prepare for the intra-school gymnastics competition. Children worked individually on three areas (body management, floor and vault) and performed for the opportunity to represent the school.

As you can see from the gallery, we finished our gymnastics unit with a group routine. The performances were fantastic and children had the chance to judge and score their peers.

Autumn Term 2

This half term, Mr McTernan is spending the whole day at Spofforth on a Thursday.

Over the course of the day, he teaches all children from Nursery up to Y6. In the morning, it’s Class 1, 2 and 3 working alongside the class teachers in delivering a block of invasion games and ball skills.

In the afternoon, Class 4 continue to work with Mr McTernan on competitive team games. This half term so far has seen a ‘board games’ lesson where we played ‘Three in a Row’ and ‘Connect Four’ and preparation for a Dodgeball tournament in December.

Autumn Term 1

This year, Mr McTernan will be mainly working alongside Mrs Bearman and her Y5/6 class. We’re starting the year with an emphasis on invasion games: attacking and defending, teamwork, communication and tactical awareness. With the help of our five key social skills, we will also be looking at the importance of winning and losing in the correct manner. The key social skills are determination, respect, communication, encouragement and body language.

Mr McTernan also works with a group of six Y2 children at lunchtime who are training to be Playground Leaders. Over the weeks, they will be shown some fun games that they will end delivering to their peers at KS1/Reception lunch time. To finish the day at Spofforth, Mr McTernan leads the KS2 after-school football club.


"A professional team that have provided both children and staff with high quality experiences. The Sporting Influence team have given opportunities for staff to work with experienced PE teachers/leaders using the team teaching model, which they can then use to improve practice across school."

Mr Paul Griffiths, Headteacher

"I have had a fantastic experience working with the Sporting Influence team, I have valued their support with my teaching, the delivery of lessons and also their help with leading PE as a subject leader. We have followed the team teaching model for this term and the feedback from the Sporting Influence team has been high quality and given us, as teachers, areas to work on to further improve our practice."

Mrs Amy Bearman – Class Teacher & PE Subject Leader

Improving social skills through sport

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