Staveley Community Primary School

Autumn Half Term (September to October 2017)

Throughout the year Sporting Influence are delivering many Physical Education sessions which include developing students social skills! In the first half term year 1/2 are looking at ball skills and year 3/4 are focusing on Basketball.


Year 1/2

Week 1

Mr Brookbanks began the first lesson by introducing the five social skills that Sporting Influence aim to develop in every child throughout their lessons. During the first lesson, a variety of fun games were played which included basic throwing and catching skills. These games also worked on developing students communication and spatial awareness. Mr Brookbanks was particularly impressed with the behaviour of the children especially those who were still completing their first week in year 1.

Week 2

Today, Mr Brookbanks focused on developing students throwing and catching skills further. This involved many games that aimed to improve the accuracy of each child’s throwing such as a fire and ice warm up game. Following on from this, children were asked to work in partners to help one another improve this skill. Similarly, this was an opportunity for children to demonstrate their communication and encouragement skills. Mr Brookbanks was delighted with the progression made from just one week ago and is already looking forward to next week!

Year 3/4

Week 1

Mr Brookbanks is delivering a half term of Basketball to the year 3/4 class. The first lesson included introducing the social skills to these children, some of which were already aware of as they are our camp regulars! Many activities were included to gain an insight into the current ability level of the children within basketball. These activities involved challenging the students through various passing activities. Mr Brookbanks was astounded with the level that these children were performing at and is excited for the upcoming weeks!

Week 2

Mr Brookbanks focused on the development of children’s passing skills in particularly the bounce and chest pass. This involved many challenges and activities that meant children had to work in small teams. All children demonstrated fantastic levels of determination to improve their teams skills as well as their own. The behaviour of these children was impeccable and they were an absolute pleasure to teach.  Well done year 3/4!





Improving social skills through sport

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