Willow Tree Community Primary School

Autumn Term 1- September to October 2017

Willow Tree are receiving CPD in PE every Friday morning with the first half term being Gymnastics for Year 1/2 and Year 4 and Dance for Year 2.

Year 1/2 Gymnastics will work upon their travelling, rolling, balancing and jumping skills and incorporating these skills into a routine. They will also begin to explore apparatus including beams and vaults to see how they can travel along this equipment.

Year 4 Gymnastics will advance the skills they already have in place within floor, beam and vault. This will include being introduced to more advanced moves such as cartwheels, handstands, paired balances and linking moves together such as handstand forward rolls. They will also learn and develop various skills on vault and beam.

Year 2 Dance will look at travelling in different ways, linking this to emotion and genres of music to suit the mood of the dance. Children will be taught dances and work in groups to develop these throughout the unit.


Autumn Term 2- October to December 2017

This half term, three more teachers at Willow Tree will receive CPD training from Miss Beaumont.Pupils will be taught a variety of sports with the social skills being a continued focus throughout.

Year 3 Gymnastics will review the skills they learnt in Key Stage One and build upon these on the floor, beams and vault. More advanced moves will be explored including forward and backward rolls, cartwheels alongside counter tension and counter balances.

Year 4 Invasion Games will involve pupils developing their attack and defence skills, spatial awareness and their teamwork skills. A range of activities will be carried out including crossover, capture the flag and dribbling and passing challenges.

Year 6 Dance will study different elements of dance and different themes including creating routines in which the music and style of dance are linked. Children will be taught dances and will work in groups to advance the routines alongside adding effects such as formation, level, direction, and timing effects.


Improving social skills through sport

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