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With that beautiful blue sky, why would not teach a bit of tennis in September? Working with Y2 and Y3 Starbeck CPS…


I've introduced the 30 rep challenge to my lessons to give the children an example of determination. How would you show determination? Mr D


Give it all you've got today and have fun whilst you do it. You can sleep in tomorrow!!! #FridayFunday #Encouragement #SocialSkills


Is there such thing as a well rounded child? Do we all have different opinions of what a well rounded child is? #SocialSkills #ChildDev


Be a Leader, not a Boss!!! #ThursdayThoughts #SocialSkills


From Steven Gerrard to @usainbolt & Take That to AC/DC. Find out more about the people teaching your children PE.

"The primary school sports funding is used well to employ professional coaches and teachers who train staff in sports skills. Staff are given the opportunity to watch experts teaching and then are observed themselves by the coaches. This has been very successful in building up teachers’ skills. Moreover, the funding has been successful in helping more pupils to take part in regular physical activity, for example, by trying different sports in which they would otherwise be unable to take part."

Ofsted report, Grove Road

"Good quality age appropriate input, reliable and well organised, flexible in terms of offer, high expectations of pupils and high standards of professional conduct in school and at cross school events, enthusiastic leadership, great emphasis on values and behaviours beyond sporting context, pupils enjoy work and measurable progress can be seen in their attitudes and relationships, good quality feedback on work undertaken, excellent knowledge of challenges schools face in meeting expectations and securing outcomes for pupils."

Head Teacher, New Park Primary

Improving social skills through sport