About Sporting Influence

Sporting Influence was founded in 2012 with two key aims:

  • To improve the standard of teaching and opportunities in Primary School Sport.
  • To improve key Social Skills through Sport.

At Sporting Influence, we firmly believe that teaching sport correctly gives children the best chance in school to develop a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle and the potential to move into secondary school with those important social skills.

Our drive to develop well rounded and healthy children is at the core of everything that we do, in every lesson, after-school club, competition or day at our holiday camps.

Since the business started we have recruited and invested in our team of teachers and I can confidently say that we have one of the strongest most dedicated teams of experienced professionals across Yorkshire.

We are excited to launch our Sporting Influence CIC Foundation fully in 2022 and look forward to making a big difference in the community to children and families in need of extra support.

We are proud to say that we now work with:

  • Over 35 schools every week, predominantly working alongside the school’s teaching team to improve their skill set and confidence.
  • We work directly with over 2000 children every week.
  • Our holiday activity Camps continue to grow with over 3,500 children attending over the course of last year.

David Moss - Director of Sporting Influence

Mission Statement

At Sporting Influence we believe in the power of Sport to develop the 'whole child'. Our highly skilled team use the power of sport to improve whole school targets through cross-curricular disguised learning programmes in Numeracy, Literacy and Wellness as well as work through school holidays at our activity camps. Every session we deliver has an underlying objective of developing opportunities to improve key social skills; striving to encourage healthy, active and well-rounded young children.

What Parents Say

Kids have had Fab time whilst at the holiday camps and rate it higher than others they’ve been to. It's brilliantly organized My son really enjoyed his time with you over the summer. He had never attended a summer camp before and I wasn’t sure he’d like it, however he would’ve come every week if he was able to. Thank you The staff were very friendly. The kids had an absolutely amazing time, loved the wristbands and can't wait to have the chance to go back. Great to have found somewhere we can trust will look after the kids and give them a good time and reliable to allow us to work. The children love the wrist bands! Thank you for giving them motivation. Would like to thank all the people making this club run so well my son loves it - he’s happy then I'm happy! Love SI, staff are superb. Delighted that Toby can start this year. Thank you for providing such a fun camp under difficult circumstances. The club is fab. I have a sporty and a not so sporty child and both love coming and enjoy their time.

Meet The Team

David Moss, Founder of Sporting Influence

David Moss


What you didn't know...

In his spare time Mr Moss is a taxi driver for his children's sport! However he does love watching them so this is not a chore.

He enjoys keeping fit, playing a bit of golf and socialising with friends and family when at all possible.

Dan McTernan, Camp Leader & PE Teacher at Sporting Influence

Dan McTernan

Camp Leader & PE Teacher

What you didn't know...

Away from teaching children sport, Mr McTernan likes to fill his spare time with his own children (Freddie and Orla) and watching or playing sport! Namely watching football in the winter and playing cricket in the summer.

As a family, Mr McTernan and the family like to go for walks and find new ways around their surrounding areas.

Things people don’t know about Mr McTernan? Although predominantly a batter, he has taken wickets playing cricket in three different countries, he once appeared on Channel 5’s Brainteaser and he has dislocated the same shoulder three times.

Will Whitford, Schools Lead & PE Teacher at Sporting Influence

Will Whitford

Schools Lead & PE Teacher

What you didn't know...

Mr Whitford is a qualified Secondary PE teacher and worked in schools for over 10 years. He started working for Sporting Influence in 2018 as he always enjoyed working with younger children and is passionate about helping to develop and up-skill others.

Outside of work Mr Whitford is a keen runner and cyclist. In his home life his 3 young children keep him busy and if it isn’t the children he is worrying about it is most likely the current form of Sheffield Wednesday!

Chris Doey, Business Development & PE Teacher at Sporting Influence

Chris Doey

Business Development & PE Teacher

What you didn't know...

When he isn't teaching Mr Doey loves to be kept busy. If he isn't changing his sons nappy or playing peek-a-boo you will find him in the garden working on a project.

In his spare time Mr Doey likes to play cricket and is heavily involved with the cricket club off the field too.

Rachel Wilcox, PE Teacher at Sporting Influence

Rachel Wilcox

PE Teacher

What you didn't know...

If Mrs Wilcox isn’t delivering her outstanding First Aid or Wellness programmes she will be tending to her busy home life. If she isn’t ferrying one child to the golf course, she will most certainly be taking the other to the stables. If Mrs Wilcox is in the car by herself it is normally because she’s on her way to take part in her favourite sport – hockey.

Neil Atkinson, Foundation Lead & PE Teacher at Sporting Influence

Neil Atkinson

Foundation Lead & PE Teacher

What you didn't know...

Mr Atkinson loves to be busy. When he isn’t working for Sporting Influence he will be doing one of the following:

  • His Masters
  • Taking his daugther out
  • Renovating his house
  • Watching is beloved FC Union Berlin
Nick Crooks, PE Teacher at Sporting Influence

Nick Crooks

PE Teacher

What you didn't know...

Known as the Bilton Bielsa, Mr Crooks lives and breathes grassroots football. Over the weekend, he will spend his Saturdays playing for his local team at Harlow Hill Football Club. On Sundays, you will find Mr Crooks coaching the U16’s team at Pannal Sports Football Club. If you see him down at the Pannal Community Park, then come say hello!

Mr Crooks’ secret hobby is that he loves anything to do with films and TV shows. If there is one you have in mind, it is very likely that he has seen it!

Martin Colley, PE Teacher at Sporting Influence

Martin Colley

PE Teacher

What you didn't know...

Mr Colley is a real family man, when not teaching PE lessons for Sporting Influence he enjoys watching his two sons play football and cricket for their local clubs. However, he normally ends up running the line at football matches and scoring at the cricket.

In his own time, he can be found out on one of his bikes, either cruising the roads in lycra or wearing his baggies in the middle of nowhere covered in mud. He also puts in the miles running the local tracks and trails, all in an attempt to keep fit, healthy and stay youthful which is a losing battle.

For his mental health Mr Colley loves to venture out on hiking and bikepacking adventures camping out under the stars in all weathers, helping him to reconnect with his environment.

Mark Sherwood, PE Teacher at Sporting Influence

Mark Sherwood

PE Teacher

What you didn't know...

Mr Sherwood has been with Sporting Influence since May 2021. When he's not taking PE lessons he can be found either walking his dog Cassy or on the sidelines of Easingwold Town's football pitch shouting at his players! Mr Sherwood has been the manager of the North Riding ladies team and has also worked for Manchester United as a coach for their international Soccer Schools.

In 2016 and 2017 he travelled to Ghana with the Learning for Life Ghana charity delivering football coaching sessions for children along with 'coaching the coaches' workshops, including some representatives from the Ghanian FA.

His other passion is music, he regularly watches live bands around the country.

Louise Sanderson, Finance at Sporting Influence

Louise Sanderson


What you didn't know...

Louise is our behind the scenes Book Keeper and Office Administrator. Who actually enjoys crunching numbers on Excel spreadsheets!

In between ferrying her 2 children here, there and everywhere Louise practices yoga as much as possible but she likes nothing more than autumnal walks with her cockapoo puppy, then relaxing with a good book and a coffee.

Before working in offices Louise used to be a chef, whilst not up to cheffing standards anymore, cooks up a mean sunday lunch. Louise is also the resident family baker and can often be found baking and decorating birthday and Christmas cakes.


Katie White, Ambassador with Sporting Influence

Katie White OBE

School Governer

"Everyone is looking for ways to spend money effectively for maximum outcome. Sporting Influence has provided themselves to an incredibly valuable organization, benefiting pupils and staff across the Yorkshire region. David and his team are passionate about making a difference to kids and it shows in their creativity and results."

Richard White, Ambassador with Sporting Influence

Richard Street

Bilton Grange Primary School, Headteacher

Richard is the Headteacher of Bilton Grange Primary School, a fantastic school based in Harrogate. After many years as a teacher, Richard’s keen eye and meticulous detail to attention makes him a perfect fit as a member of the CIC. As well as overseeing the work done by the CIC Richard hopes to add his expertise and knowledge to help many young people in future years.


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