12 Ways to Stay Active During the Dark Nights

26 October 2023

Winter is drawing closer and motivation for fitness, when it’s cold and dark, is difficult to maintain. During this time, we tend to hunker down and keep warm. Human hibernation is ever appealing! However, if COVID has taught us anything about being indoors, it is that we need to maintain fitness and stay healthy. Regular exercise, alongside a balanced diet, will ultimately contribute to keeping spirits high and feeling more confident in ourselves.

Regular exercise and ‘the practice of physical activities strengthens the immune system’ and can help fight off unwanted bugs. Consistent bouts of exercise through the winter months amid the dark nights will help us benefit from the long-term effects of exercise. Workouts allow us to release ‘feel good’ chemicals, de-stress and provide a break from the daily routines on the dark winter nights. A short workout could help improve a new outlook this winter.

If attending clubs and playing in the park is more difficult for you and your family this winter, then we have a mixture of free challenges and workouts on our website and we will be reminding you each week on our social media pages. To access all the challenges now, you can follow this link.