13 March 2020

 I am writing to update you on the development of Sporting Influence's response to the Coronavirus outbreak, following yesterday's UK government meetings and latest Public Health England (PHE) advice which you may find helpful.
Our team of qualified teachers are meeting daily to review the latest government guidance and co-ordinate our plan as a company. Our discussions cover both our work and partnerships with local Primary and Secondary Schools and our Easter Camps at Harrogate Ladies' College. Our approach remains in line with advice and guidance from the relevant health authorities, in particular the NHS – specifically Public Health England (PHE).
The government’s focus has moved to the second phase of ‘Delay’ and in addition to the continued advice for regular and thorough hand-washing, it has now included a requirement for anyone with a new, continuous cough or temperature, however mild the symptoms, to self-isolate for seven days.

At this stage we are planning for a fun and active Easter Camp and parents have been booking online as usual.
If the facilities are closed down due to guidance from the Government then a credit or full refund will be given to parents.

The Sporting Influence action plan will now and for the foreseeable future prioritise health and safety in our lessons, afterschool clubs, competitions and holiday camps.
Activities and sessions will be planned to have less physical contact where possible but still a clear emphasis on fun and learning.

We will introduce hand washing at the end of each session because PE and sport sessions will naturally create more interaction for children than some other more structured lessons in school.
May we ask families to follow government advice if they visit any country named on the government website as a concern, or if any family member does so.  
Official travel advice to and from the UK is being regularly updated.  

As we move closer to our Easter Camp week we may require all families that have booked on to camp to self-declare if they have been in an area of particularly high risk – more information will follow about this at the end of this month. 

We are working alongside Harrogate Ladies' College in particular and taking additional steps to support the health and wellbeing of the children and our team of teachers and coaches primarily through extra cleaning and widespread provision of hand sanitisers.
Should there be any developments that affect the running of Camp we will be in touch with parents.
Finally, thanks for all for your support and cooperation in helping to keep the schools a calm and kind place for students and staff alike.
All the best,

Dave Moss