Easter Activity Camp - What you need to know

24 March 2022

We want to remind you of a few things to make camp preparation easier:

Nuts - We are a nut free camp - please make sure you check any food packed for your children lunch/snack. This include chocolate spreads such at Nutella!

Water bottles - With the recent weather now is a good time to remind parents that your child should have a refillable water bottle with them for their time at camp. Please refrain from packing energy drinks or carbonated drinks. 

Suncream - We ask that all children attend camp with suncream applied. We will be able to provide suncream for children however we will not be able to apply this for children. 

Caps/headwear - We plan to be outside as much as possible. We advise children bring a hat or cap to shield themselves from the sun as much as possible. 

We of course will make sure the children are sheltering from the sun during down time and making sure they are staying hydrated throughout the day.