The Sporting Influence Foundation Lets Connect Challenge

10 February 2023


🏃 We started the week with no idea how far the children in Sporting Influence schools would be able to run. Not in our wildest dreams did we think we would be in 🇫🇷 Paris by Wednesday morning... 

We certainly didn't think we would make it to 🇦🇹 Salzburg by Friday evening. The children of 35 schools have covered an impressive 1,216.8km in 5 days! 

Working out at 34.7km per school. We cannot thank the schools enough for their eagerness to be involved in our challenge and also their publicity to parents who have kindly donated to the foundation. Also, a massive thanks to Your Harrogate who as always were brilliant prior to the challenge spreading the word.

The main aim of the challenge was to show just how achievable things are when we come together and have a shared goal. This is transferable across all scenarios in life... #LetsConnect

Yes, it is #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek but lets not wait another year until we remember about children's mental health!