School of the Day - Bilton Grange

21 March 2024

Once again, Sporting Influence is thrilled to be deeply involved in the educational journey at Bilton Grange Primary School Harrogate this year. Embracing a slightly modified approach, Mr. Doey has been dedicatedly delivering to Bluebell class throughout the year. Working on a variety units, he has delivered a number of skills from gymnastics, to dance and ball skills.

Meanwhile, Mr. Crooks has been channeling his expertise into fostering wellbeing among the Year 3 and 4 cohort, alongside delivering a specialised Gifted and Talented programme to a select group within the same year group. This tailored attention ensures that each child's unique strengths are acknowledged and nurtured.

Adding another layer of enrichment, Mr. Moss dedicates his Tuesday afternoons to fostering social skills, emotional intelligence, and overall wellbeing among the Year 5 students. Such holistic development is vital in preparing them for the challenges they'll face in both academic and personal journeys.