Team Information on your Parent Portal

11 July 2023


Did you know that you do not need to wait for your text or email to tell you your Team Information, Drop Off/Pick Up location and if you are swimming. 

To find the information it is really simple to do. Firstly, you need to log into your account on the Sporting Influence website.

This will bring you onto your Parent Portal, where you can amend your details, your Childs details or see your bookings. If you click on "Your Bookings" the screen will display all of your bookings.

If it is a week or less until you visit Sporting Influence you should have all of the details you need. Although our text and email service works 99% of the time, it is good practice to check this, just in case the email or text hasn't made its way to you. 

If you are ever unsure about a booking or you need to contact us, please do so by emailing