30 January 2020

Ok, confession number 1 - they aren't real horses!

The common theme during this half term is, the weather is awful so let's do gymnastics. We are currently teaching a lot of gymnastics in our schools. Developing core strength, exploring different shapes, travel, flight and rolls.

We are also with older children looking at vaulting on and vaulting through. Vaulting, is the action of jumping onto our over a vault. As the average primary schools don't have vaults we have to adapt and use either a gymnastics horse, or gymnastics table.

Starting the unit, children work work on placing their hands down and lifting their legs from their core over a small object. From this the height in which children should raise their legs, will increase. After develop confidence through this the children will then vault onto their knees onto a object, starting small, the object will get progressively higher.

The final process will involve children being able to vault over and onto an object safely and confidently.