Science Mad at Western

We recently attended Western Primary Schools Science Day to help the children understand more about the body and exercise.

As part of the fun filled day, where the children made their own hair gel and performed other crazy experiments amongst other science related topics, Mr Crooks delivered a session on exercise and the body.

Some of the questions that the children asked and the information delivered more commonly found in a GCSE PE classroom!!!

  • How does your body change after exercise?
  • Why do we go red?
  • Why do we sweat?
  • What does oxygen do in our bodies?
  • Why does it hurt when we exercise?

An all round amazing experience for the children and a fantastic day to be a part of! Thank you to all at Western who made the day happen and we look forward to your next topical day!

Take a look below at what Year 6 student Sebastian Gaminde thought of the day.

“On Wednesday, Mr Crooks from Sporting Influence, came into our school to help us to understand the affect of exercise on our body. During this experiment, he asked us to check our heartbeat before and after a series of exercises including:





Many more exercises.

These exercises created our hearts to pump the blood faster around our body and therefore exercising our body. We felt breathless, red faced, sweaty and tired!
Thank you to Sporting Influence for taking part in our science day!”


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